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Posted by, admin on 10-April-2014

Basically, Big Data refers to the search, capture, storage, analysis and visualization of large data sets.

We are before a phenomenon that emerged after the opening to digitalization and especially the opening of the social data generated. People hipercommunicate socially and on a voluntary basis, leaving a trail that provides a wealth of information that can be useful for marketing and communication. Knowing how to use the vast amount of data for brand communication, with the appropriate and proper ethical behaviour, is a challenge that must be faced because most of the data we have about our brands and our consumers are not used to their full potential.

In a communications agency we must be aware of all the new trends. We have always used media to communicate, but now media also allow us to listen to the consumer. Talking to the consumer becomes listening to the consumer in order to start a conversation and forget the old monologue.

I am convinced that the opportunity Big Data offers us has just begun and will significantly improve the effectiveness of our profession and our results. Just a couple of things to finish and better understand the environment in which we operate: humans produce 28 billion GB every day and 90% of these data has been generated in the last 2 years.

In Kohl know how to do it. We believe in the proper management of these data and in measuring the impact of our PR work. We monitor the web for mentions, identifying the influencers we have in industry-related terms, we know the opinions on and actions of our brands and we track the reputation, measuring every nook and crany in the Internet. It’s hard not to miss a bit, but with the expert use of the available tools we can predict trends and help identify the place where all the interesting talks are taking place and involve our represented brands.

¡This has just begun!


Susana Manchón