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Posted by, admin on 12-May-2014

Last March, during a few but intense minutes, Spanish media reported on a presumed air crash at Canary Islands. Pictures and comments in social networks showed what seemed to be an airplane that had splashed down. Numerous witnesses, pilots included, affirming that they were looking at a plane floating on the sea and Gran Canaria […]

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Posted by, admin on 10-April-2014

Basically, Big Data refers to the search, capture, storage, analysis and visualization of large data sets. We are before a phenomenon that emerged after the opening to digitalization and especially the opening of the social data generated. People hipercommunicate socially and on a voluntary basis, leaving a trail that provides a wealth of information that […]

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Posted by, admin on 19-March-2014

At Kohl we work on the Beauty sector on a daily basis: we present innovative products, we relaunch classics, we study compositions, new trends… In short, we dive into the personal beauty universe, above all, the feminine one. Minimizing pores, increasing elasticity, boosting curls, concealing expression lines, the list of attributes is never ending. We […]

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Posted by, admin on 27-February-2014

There is no doubt that 2013 has been the year of marketing customization. Renowned brands have engaged consumers, through both the creation of customized products in collaboration with another entity or throughout specific objects. It´s seems impossible not to mention Coca Cola´s custom name cans, under the claim “Share Coca Cola with…” Strategy, to which Nutella, […]

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Posted by, admin on 5-February-2014

One of the main tasks a communication agency develops is managing our clients’ relations with media. Their prestige and notoriety depend widely on how we managed those relations. A 2012 report made by Association of Communication Managers (DIRCOM) and Association of Communication and Public Relations Consultancy Companies (ADECEC) analyzed the relations between communication professionals and […]

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Posted by, admin on 3-February-2014

Communication specialists know that advertising is an efficient tool that achieves impact and remembrance in the citizen; but communication as content, known as public relations, have efficacy and persuasiveness to which advertising will never have access. That power is the quality that turns our arguments into content for the media. When we obtain media coverage for one […]

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Posted by, admin on 21-November-2013

Writing the very first post in Kohl Comunicación blog is a great honor that I face full of energy and optimism. Without you the 3.0 communication would be impossible. As Kohl General Manager I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting in our agency. Kohl was born after the millennium’s […]

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