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Customization as a factor of differentiation
Posted by, admin on 27-February-2014

There is no doubt that 2013 has been the year of marketing customization. Renowned brands have engaged consumers, through both the creation of customized products in collaboration with another entity or throughout specific objects. It´s seems impossible not to mention Coca Cola´s custom name cans, under the claim “Share Coca Cola with…” Strategy, to which Nutella, Kinder and others have succumbed.

We are overexposed to plenty of information, as well as to an enormous supply of goods and services and the truth is that everything has been invented and when something new comes along it does so through various channels and brands. So is the saying “the same dog, different collar”. We need to look for the added value, that factor of differentiation which either makes the client choose or discriminate something. It is at this exact point, when differentiation makes the trick, making our customer feel special, appealing to their emotions and satisfying their needs, evading their rational thoughts.

Each of us is different and unique, and even if there is more than two sharing the same needs, these might not be necessarily satisfied in the same manner.

This strategy, which might appear to be completely original, which has emerged in 2013 and that we will for sure see more of during 2014, to Kohl Comunicación it isn´t new at all. Customization is innate to the agency, it was present since it´s birth and it´s something omnipresent in the everyday.

There are many communication agencies. However, at Kohl, each client and journalist is addressed in a unique way. Customization is our reason why and evolving and expanding are compatible with this principle.