We create  /  

We produce brand awareness for our clients by increasing their visibility in the media, which translates into sales growth.

  • Consolidate and reinforce advertising objectives and other BTL actions.
  • Assist and strengthen media ratings.
  • Enhance launch campaigns efficacy.
  • Increase media impacts efficacy.
  • Secure brand’s prestige and products’ visibility.
  • Achieve credibility and maximum Press Office output.
  • Crisis communication by turning negative impacts into positive.
  • Minimise consumers’ defence mechanisms to advertising.

We design  /  

We are experts in creating the most efficient strategies.

  • We develop creative and impactful actions
  • We make detailed strategic planning.
  • We are perceived by the media as an information source that arises great interest.
  • We strive to know how media work, offering customized assistance to each journalist. We achieve this by carefully segmenting target audience and maximising impacts quality.
  • We select the most appropriate media for each action: offline, online, television and radio
  • We conduct strict monitoring of our appearances in all media and elaborate periodic results reports.