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How we understand the relationship with media
Posted by, admin on 5-February-2014

One of the main tasks a communication agency develops is managing our clients’ relations with media. Their prestige and notoriety depend widely on how we managed those relations.

A 2012 report made by Association of Communication Managers (DIRCOM) and Association of Communication and Public Relations Consultancy Companies (ADECEC) analyzed the relations between communication professionals and journalists. One of the main conclusions is that they ask each other for professionalism.

Journalists request from communication professionals a deeply knowledge and respect of their dynamics of work; relevant information and honest and transparent behavior; no lies and permanent relationship, not only in information emergencies.

Agencies ask journalists for respect to our role as information source, an honest media treatment and to corroborate news.

At Kohl Comunicación we keep these demands on mind in our relationship with media. Accuracy, truthfulness and respect are our hallmark, our basis in daily relation with journalists. We are very proud that journalists indentify Kohl Comunicación –as they say in our website- as an agency that make their job easier speedily and diligently and they turn to us as an useful and truthful information source.

From its very beginning Kohl Comunicación has forged its reputation and its clients’ thanks to the collaboration with journalists and mutual respect. A professional and transparent relationship that has made us win clients and friends.

Maria Jesus Luengo

María Jesus Luengo

Account Director