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The power of content
Posted by, admin on 3-February-2014

Communication specialists know that advertising is an efficient tool that achieves impact and remembrance in the citizen; but communication as content, known as public relations, have efficacy and persuasiveness to which advertising will never have access. That power is the quality that turns our arguments into content for the media.

When we obtain media coverage for one of our brands, we achieve to catch the interest of the citizens and inform them with credibility, initiating a dialogue between the brand and the consumer that has nothing to do with the advertising interaction. The magic of this communication is unparalleled.And this is what makes Kohl special: we turn communication needs of our brands into news. And this is only achieved when the message of our brand is interesting to the eyes of a journalist and citizens. Kohl team will not only be a partner that works in defense of the clients communication interests, they will generate a strong partnership with journalists and media partners, giving interesting content to their readers, listeners, viewers and internauts. If not interested, not worth it.

Agencies like Kohl make this happen. I like the magic in Kohl because it makes things happen and be communicated.


Ángel Riesgo