Communication Strategy Design

Development and implementation of Communication Plan

Press conference and special events organization

Press devices:

  • Press Release
  • Press kit
  • Opinion articles
  • Speech

Spokesperson consultancy

Press office and media P.R.

Media monitoring and analysis

Coverage and results reports

Other useful documents

  • Official statements
  • Sales pitch
  • Speeches, intervention scripts, etc.

Crisis management

  • Crisis manual elaboration
  • Company’s fields of interest monitoring and reporting
  • Crisis communication courses
  • Communication management in crisis situations
  • Assistance to crisis office
  • Evaluation reports

Marketing and Publicity

  • Design and thinking of websites and e-commerce architecture
  • Design and implementation of marketing online strategies
  • Social Media Management
  • Management of media campaigns


  • Thinking and design
  • Crisis management and reports
  • Strategic planification of virtual identity
  • Seo Tag Cloud
  • Management and control of SEM campaigns


  • Voice and ears of the brand / company on the internet (blogs, social media channels, websites, forums)
  • Achievement of objectives
  • Crisis management
  • Events (networking)

Analytics and Research

  • Influence, ROR, ROI.
  • Visibility: Followers, Fans, Clicks, RT, Reach, Inbound links, Suscribers…
  • Interaction /Loyalty: Mentions, Favorites, #FF, Share, Comments, Likes.
  • Analysis of new tools (social media and analytics)
  • Improvements and upgrades of the online strategy
  • Search and contact with the brand / company influencers