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Welcome to Kohl
Posted by, admin on 21-November-2013

Writing the very first post in Kohl Comunicación blog is a great honor that I face full of energy and optimism. Without you the 3.0 communication would be impossible. As Kohl General Manager I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting in our agency.

Kohl was born after the millennium’s change with a clear goal, which was to communicate. But before starting to communicate, there is a need of winning the media heart. It is almost impossible that someone listens to what you want to communicate if you do not make them fall in love with you first and if you do not start that little light in the person who is front of you. That is why the main topic of this first blog post deals with the art of making someone falling in love with you. To make public a product, call to action, pass on a point of view or create awareness… In short, to leave a mark! In the end when they talk about communicating, they talk also about winning someone’s affections!

There is no need for complicated formulas or impossible stratagems. No matter what the final goal is, the way to an effective communication is related with making someone falling with you.
Why do they choose an agency instead of other? Why do they buy a specific product instead of another alike? Because there is something that has started that spark. Because there is that je ne sais quoi which has made them falling in love. Their image, spokesperson, price or the message communicated by the promoter… It does not matter what, how or when… There is something that appeals them and makes it unique to them. To me that one is the real miracle of the efficient communication: knowing how to communicate a gift that makes you or the product you want to make public.

I do not have the secret formula to launch messages which make people fall in love with them. But I do have learned some important things through my professional career which help a lot in starting that flame:

1. Listening carefully and seeming to do it so
2. Being and seeming a happy and cheerful person. Nobody intends to fall in love with a sad person
3. Being yourself all the time. Being unique and empowering your own differential value
4. Being tremendously assertive and empathetic. We are affective beings, so in order of reaching someone’s heart, there is a need of understanding the other person.
With the pretext f talking about communication, we have created this blog in order to build up experiences and sharing our know how.
Thank you very much and welcome to our world!

Rocío Sacristán – CEO