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Stereotypes of women in the 21st century
Posted by, admin on 19-March-2014


At Kohl we work on the Beauty sector on a daily basis: we present innovative products, we relaunch classics, we study compositions, new trends… In short, we dive into the personal beauty universe, above all, the feminine one.

Minimizing pores, increasing elasticity, boosting curls, concealing expression lines, the list of attributes is never ending. We are currently living a social moment in which we are constantly receiving inputs regarding “the Photoshop effect” and the ideal of perfection, which the media “want us to buy”. There is an increasing concern with the power of the messages which magazines, Tv, movies and social networks have over the feminine minds and their adverse effects.

There is no doubt that communication has an impact over the choices we make in life, if it weren´t that way, our job would not be effective, but we must keep in mind that women are complex, that theyrequire a variety of means with which to achieve personal fulfilment.

To believe that every woman will take as a role model what the media present as a feminine stereotype would reduce their identity.

Since the 19th Century stagnated female figure, going through the crazy twenties liberated women, the in between wars femme fatal, or the 50´s bombshell, recent history is full of examples of those stereotypes which have tried to constrict their freedom.

Luckily, the new Century brings freedom of expression to mix and chose the elements of our choice and to shape our personal and unique identity.

We believe in a woman who is strong, with fresh thinking who looks forward to boost her qualities, but who makes her own decisions. Who is aware of the latest beauty tips, but who also searches for her personal identity making use of the means to which she has access, whether they are physical, mental mechanisms or spiritual.

It is a women of this new Century, sensitive to its environment, but also critical. To sum up, the cornerstone of beauty. Its to her to whom we address every day through our work and celebrate with each initiative.


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